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Leather Buckled Corset-Waist 26-33 in
Leather Bottle Holder and Antique Bottle
Leather Mini Top Hat
Steampunk Leather Wrist Cuff
​With backgrounds in film making, fantasy writing and costume design, Amanda and Abby's creations are limited only by their imaginations. Most pieces are one of a kind and unique-dreamed up from their imaginations, crafted by their hands, and given life by the small part of their spirits used to create it. They stand behind every creation, guaranteeing its quality and will gladly aid you should any casualty come to it (within reason, of course).
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Literary Paper Rose
Victorian-Style Coin Necklace
Leather Wrist Cuff with Chain
Victorian-Style Coin Necklace-Chione
Leather Bottle Holder and Antique Bottle
Victorian-Style Coin Necklace-Leora
Steampunk Leather Journal
Steampunk Leather Wrist Cuff
Renaissance Waist Cincher
Clockwork Cameo
Gold Leaf Clockwork Necklace
Clockwork Keyhole Necklace