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   One has traveled across time; the other around the world. Together they are adventurers for the ages. Amanda and Abby now bring together their knowledge of their many adventures to create the Steamer Trunk Treasure store.

  Truly a treasure of imagination, ingenuity, a dash of fancy, a skosh of the impossible (or at least, the very improbable), a jot of the Victorian, and a smidge of the industrial that is most commonly referred to as Steampunk.

   Whether you have chosen to navigate the airship strewn skies of the Steampunk spheres or walk the ancient mysterious places of fantasy, these two industrious young women possess the talent and skill to equip those brave souls who tread in these new worlds.
Adventure, Intrigue, Magic, Steampunk, Romance, Betrayal, Redemption. This is The Good Airship Lollygag! 
This is historical truth from another dimension masquerading as a collaborative writing adventure presented by the mysterious figure, The Archivist.